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Specialized Lubricants services customers in Illinois and is an international distributor for Schaeffer’s Oil in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa. We are a dealer in 38 states and are expanding our International Grease and Oil Distributor and customer base. Why do lubricant users and international distributors choose Schaeffer’s Oil? Service, ongoing technical support, and a 100% commitment to provide you with the best lubrication products and education. We save you time and money!

If you are in the minority (10-15% of lubricant users) that want the best quality fluids, READ ON! Do you believe in the finest synthetics, the best hydro-cracked refining process, want to cut costs, want your engines or machines to perform their best, last longer and believe that premium quality oils and greases pays for itself? READ ON!

Specialized Lubricants is an international distributor and dealer for Schaeffer’s Oil. 815-674-7445 Schaeffer Oil & Grease was established in 1839 and blends the finest aluminum complex greases, pao gear oils,engine oils, hydralulic oils, chain lubes, NSF oils, and is a leading manufacturer of premium fuel additives in the USA. Schaeffer Oil and Grease Manufacturing seeks to continue leading the international grease and oil distributors with premium grade lubricants.
Schaeffers Oil is the oldest oil company in the USA having produced greases for over 165 years.

They have worked with Moly for over 60 years, ISO 9002-certified, NLGI, SAE, STLE etc. We are THE master blender of master blenders. We develop our own patents such as Penetro and work directly with the largest additive manufacturers on the globe.

Schaeffer Oil is a tier one supplier to the Fortune 500 Companies manufacturing one of a kind greases, engine oils, gear lubes, hydraulic oils, and cutting fluids for these companies We bring that quality to YOU!

Try Schaeffer Oil and find out why once you start you will never trust your lubrication to anything else.

We chose Schaeffer’s Oil Products because we feel they produce the best. PERIOD.

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